Victoria Smith


Tuxedo Baby

Follow Tuxedo Baby in his quest for family. Tuxedo Baby was lonely until his adoptive parents came to bring him home. Tuxedo wishes he could fly like his new parents but knows he can’t. Soar with Tuxedo Baby in his attempts to fly and the problems that follow. Tuxedo Baby makes new friends at Bird School, but he is the only bird that can’t fly. Tuxedo Baby is getting bigger and stronger every day. The Conures have a surprise for him. A surprise that will bring his family even closer.

Tuxedo Baby and His Annoying Cousins

Tuxedo Baby is dreading spending time with his cousins because it always ends in trouble. Meet Junction, Nimitz, and Cruz, Tux's cousins from Chile in this second book in the series.

Priscilla and Tux

Priscilla is in a panic, frantically searching for something special to bring to school for “show and tell.” Desperate and running out of time, she settles on a map showing where her adopted brother, Tux, is from. Follow Priscilla on her journey of school friendships, laughter, and family as she learns the importance of compassion and understanding. With Tux by her side, Priscilla reveals her unique “show and tell.” Find out what it is in this heartwarming story of two siblings. If you’ve enjoyed Tuxedo Baby, and Tuxedo Baby and His Annoying Cousins, you’ll also enjoy the third book to this series, Priscilla and Tux.

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About Victoria

Victoria lives in Alameda, California.  Victoria loved to play school when she was younger with her stuffed animals and dolls.  She always wanted to be a teacher.  Victoria’s dream came true after raising three children.  She became a teacher in 1989.  Later, she received a Masters in Reading at Boise State University in 1999.

Victoria has always loved animals.  She surrounded her own family with dogs, cats, a bird, a turtle, a bearded dragon, red-bellied frogs, a rabbit, fish, and a guinea pig that squealed loudly with happiness.  Many of these animals lived in her classroom to the student’s delight.  Today, she volunteers at the Alameda Cat and Rabbit shelter called Faas.  The cats, kittens, and rabbits are often scared but their transformation they make is wonderful because of the volunteers who handle them daily and get them adopted in their forever homes.  Now, she lives with one dog, one cat, and a turtle.  She especially loves spending time with her adult children because she believes family is everything.

Victoria retired in 2020, so she could spend time writing and being an author. Her ideas often come while she is walking the dog or observing others. She has so many stories she can’t wait to publish them all.